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MAPP receives Nadcap accreditation for nondestructive testing.

We’re excited to announce that MAPP has received Nadcap accreditation for nondestructive testing (NDT) special processes Pre-Penetrant Etch (AC7108) and Penetrant (AC7114) (S-U4 Lockheed Martin). The accreditation demonstrates the organization’s ongoing commitment to quality by satisfying customer requirements and industry specifications.

“Achieving Nadcap accreditation is not easy,” said Joe Pinto, executive vice president and chief operating officer at the Performance Review Institute (PRI). “It is one of the ways in which the aerospace industry identifies those who excel at manufacturing quality products through superior special processes. Companies, such as MAPP Technologies, work hard to obtain this status, and they should be justifiably proud of it. PRI is proud to support continual improvement in the aerospace industry by helping such companies as MAPP be successful, and we look forward to continuing to assist the industry moving forward.”

CEO Luis Coreano added, “Our focus is to create best-in-class value for our customers as demonstrated by our absolute commitment to providing the highest levels of quality. Nadcap accreditation is extremely important in our industry as it validates a company’s commitment to a quality standard. I’m excited about the future of MAPP Technologies and the value proposition offering to our customers.”

I have an outstanding history with MAPP. Very good relationships with people that are industry leaders in their skill sets. You cannot put a price tag on relationships or experience, especially in the Defense industry. MAPP has always come through for us and has demonstrated their commitment to maintain excellent long term partnerships with their customers.



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